SModcast 203: Tenting Alderaan

KS - ’That was the other thing, the themesong, the whole time dude was ‘Siegfried and Royyyyyyyy, Siegfried and Royyyyyyy, it might’ve been Michael Jackson ‘It’s the power of magic, the power is inside of you!' like it made no sense, and maybe those aren't the exact lyrics, but I remember thinking like 'What? Who's inside of me now?' 

SM - ‘Siegfried and Roy?’

KS - ‘Both? Oh shit’

SM - ‘I mean I can see it’

KS - ‘What’d they fuckin’ roofie my drink? How’d this happen?’

*Sings* ‘Siegfried and Rooooooooooooy!

Turn that music off!

SM - *Continues singing* ‘You are their booooooooy

KS - *Laughing*

SM - *Continues singing* ‘Their little sex toooooooy

KS - ‘Hey are you singin’ at me? What the, where is this? Martha where are you?’

KS/SM in unison - ‘I sold you to Siegfried and Roy’

SM - ‘For sex!’

KS - ‘Martha no!’

'Goodbye Henry!'

'Martha you biiiiiiiitch!'


KS/SM - *Both laughing*

SM - ‘It’s like the end of the girl with the dragon tattoo’

KS - *Laughs*

SM - ‘They start playing Enya’

'What exit are you from?'

'What exit should we enter fiiiirst?'

KS - ‘Sail away, sail away, sail away

'Martha you biiiiiiiitch!'

'Immona fuckin' kill both of you!'

'Oh ya, ya you will'

SM - ‘We like it when you struggle’

'She sold you for 100 dollars and tickets to Celine Dion!'

KS - ‘Oh she hated you, but not as much as you’ll hate this’



'From hells heart, I stab at thee'

KS/SM - Siegfried and Royyyyyyyyyy

KS - Turn that fuckin’ music off!

SModcast 203: Tenting Alderaan by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier


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